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‘Under the Mango Tree’: A Book of Hope and Comfort for Pet Owners Coping with Loss by Robyn Fok

Launches First Children's Book

Rory’s Apawthecary has published their first children’s book!

Founder of UAE’s leading natural dog care brand, Rory’s Apawthecary, Robyn Fok, announces the release of her book ‘Under the Mango Tree,’ a touching story based on the grieving process when one experiences loss.

An uplifting and heart-warming book, ‘Under the Mango Tree’ is a brightly illustrated and moving story that caters not only to children but will touch the hearts of all ages. Fok has grappled with the deep and often spiritual message of death and grief, breaking it down so that even children can understand. While the book addresses pet loss, the same concepts can be applied to all forms of loss and grief. 

In the story, the journey of bereavement that began with grief and confusion eventually leads to a heart-freeing realization that those who pass away do not simply disappear; their memories live on in the hearts of those who love and care for them forever.

‘Under the Mango Tree’ is inspired by Fok’s dearest companion, Rory, an American Cocker Spaniel who, after passing away in August of 2022, now lays at rest under a mango tree. Fok hopes to provide solace to others coping with loss.

Launches First Children's Book

“I have written this book to be an uplifting and encouraging way to help others who have experienced loss, to feel loved and supported.,” Author Robyn Fok comments, “As I worked through these tough emotions myself when Rory passed away, I realized that many others who are part of the Rory’s Apawthecary community have also gone through the same difficulties when they too lost their furry family. It is a natural part of pet ownership and I hope that this book can help others in their process of finding peace and light in a time of darkness.”

“While both human and pet loss are valid and difficult, people who experience pet loss often do not get the support they need from their community and society when their pet passes away. Recovering from pet loss requires just as much support and consideration from our community and society.” Along with the release of the book ‘Under the Mango Tree’, Rory’s Apawthecary has also dedicated a section on the company’s website dedicated to offering support to pet parents and their families in the topic of Pet Loss. The page offers healthy grieving strategies and post-pet loss logistics assistance; the first of its kind in the UAE. 

Rory’s Apawthecary, is a home-grown, pet lifestyle company that offers non-toxic and natural dog care products ranging from grooming products to pet accessories that are not only good for pets but also good for the environment. Rory’s Apawthecary products can be found in all major pet retailers and vet clinics across the UAE and soon to be in a Spinneys store after having won a place in the 2022 Spinneys Local Business Incubator Program; an esteemed program that supports local businesses.

‘Under the Mango Tree’ is now available in hardback and ebook versions on all major book platforms globally, including Amazon worldwide, Book Depository, and Barnes and Noble.

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