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Quoz Arts Fest Dubai: Celebrating art, music, and incredible food

Quoz Arts Fest Dubai: Celebrating art, music, and incredible food

The weekend will feature a diverse and dynamic programme of more than 200 activations!

The highly-anticipated 10th edition of Quoz Arts Fest, a beloved celebration of arts and culture in the region, is returning. The festival, known for its vibrant and diverse offerings, will showcase over 200 exciting activations and bring together more than 50 creative concepts from the Al Quoz area.

The 10th edition of Quoz Arts Fest is set to be an extra special celebration marking a decade of success in the region. With an exciting lineup of live music, art, contemporary dance, performing arts, food trucks, public art installations, wellness activities, and more, the festival will showcase the talents of homegrown creatives from the area. Taking place on January 28th and 29th, 2023 in the Alserkal Avenue and Al Quoz districts, the event will be free and open to the public. It will be a perfect opportunity to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere, indulge in a wide range of experiences and explore the diverse cultural offerings.

“Shift Away” from your preconceptions

“Shift Away” from your preconceptions

The upcoming 10th edition of Quoz Arts Fest will center around the theme of “Shift Away.” This theme invites visitors to let go of their preconceptions and embark on a journey through three fantastical worlds: “Nature,” where they can immerse themselves in the grandeur of the natural world; “Cyborg,” where they can discover the boundless possibilities of the digital realm; and “Childhood,” where they can tap into their inner child and re-discover the magic of play. Each world will be brought to life through a variety of installations, interactive experiences, and other engaging activities.

Musical line-ups

Musical line-ups

This year’s Quoz Arts Fest features a lineup of must-see acts. Headlining the festival are the renowned musicians and performers, Saint Levant and Bu Kulthoum, who will be taking the stage for live concerts on January 28th and 29th. Other highlights include Dubai-based DJ Patchoulee, who will be showcasing her unique blend of pop, soul, funk, disco and more, and local band Tasty Biscuits, whose performances are known for their soothing vocal melodies and upbeat instrumental arrangements. Digital artist Amir B Ash of Mutek will also be participating with an interactive installation to raise awareness on Climate Change. It’s an opportunity to witness the diversity of Artistic expression that the Festival is presenting.

Quoz Arts Fest is collaborating with The Fridge to present Quoz Encore, an exciting opportunity for music enthusiasts to discover emerging talent in the UAE. Featuring a lineup of seven diverse, homegrown acts, including Lama, Stefan Alm, Jiire Smith, Ramzinho, Kinda, Seaside Feels, and A^2, these performers will be taking the stage during the festival weekend as part of this initiative. It’s a great chance for visitors to discover the local music scene and support emerging artists.

Art exhibitions and more

Art exhibitions and more

Concrete, Alserkal Avenue’s versatile space for exhibitions and events, will once again be the location of a thought-provoking and immersive interactive experience: “As Water Falls”, an installation created by Montreal-based digital art studio Iregular, aims to inspire discourse and encourage visitors to question their preconceptions.

The college will collaborate with Zayed University’s CACE Alumni to host its first alumni exhibition since the outbreak of Covid-19. The exhibition, curated by Walter Willems, will feature works created by recent graduates in response to the theme “Shift Away”.

The festival will feature the talents of popular contemporary henna designer and artist AZRA, who will be available to adorn visitors’ hands with her unique and striking designs. Additionally, fitness and wellness classes will be offered by Shimis, Joint Space, and DNA. The festival will also include movies from Cinema Akil and Reel Palestine, the Market of Misfits from Kave, and various other activities.

The Quoz Arts Fest, held in Alserkal Avenue, will feature not only imaginative ideas and performances but also participation from the broader Al Quoz community. This includes businesses such as The Courtyard, Aisha Alabbar, Trezora, Cabinet of Curiosity, Antique Boutique x Book Club, Raw Coffee Company, and Woo-hoo, among many others.

Feast away at Dubai’s top foodie spots

At the Good Vibes Market, visitors can expect a diverse selection of food options, with some of the UAE’s most renowned independent dining establishments in attendance, such as 21grams, Ugly Noodles, Karak Inc, Maison Duffour, and Maiz Tacos, among others.

Visitors can book their early bird tickets for the weekend for Dhs30 on Platinumlist here. Tickets for under-18s and over-60s are free with registration. All proceeds from ticket sales are dedicated to the Quoz Arts Fest program, supporting local and regional talent.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the 2023 edition of Quoz Arts Fest, whether you are a long-time enthusiast or a first-time attendee.

Dhs30. Jan 28-29. Alserkal Avenue, Al Quoz 1,

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