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New Bridge: Bur Dubai to Dubai Islands via a 1.4km Bridge

New bridge to connect Bur Dubai with Dubai Islands

Connecting Bur Dubai to Dubai Islands: A transformative 1.4km bridge project set to redefine urban connectivity.

In a significant development for Dubai’s infrastructure, a 1.4-kilometer bridge is set to connect Bur Dubai to the Dubai Islands. This ambitious project promises to transform transportation in the area, providing direct entry and exit points for the Dubai Islands project on the Bur Dubai side. With an expected opening date in 2026, this bridge aims to ease congestion, enhance connectivity, and facilitate smoother travel between these two vital parts of the city.

A Bridge for Progress

The bridge, a marvel of engineering, will feature four lanes in each direction. This increased capacity will serve an estimated 16,000 drivers per hour, greatly reducing travel times and congestion for commuters. But this bridge is more than just a road; it’s a multi-purpose structure designed to accommodate various modes of transport and improve accessibility.

Beyond Roads: Cycling and Pedestrian Paths

In the spirit of holistic urban planning, the Bur Dubai to Dubai Islands bridge will include dedicated cycling tracks and pedestrian walkways. These additions aim to promote sustainable transportation options and encourage a healthier lifestyle among residents. With the inclusion of these pathways, the bridge becomes a symbol of Dubai’s commitment to a greener and more accessible future.

A Canal for Connectivity

One of the most striking features of this project is the inclusion of a 75-meter canal beneath the bridge. This canal will not only add to the aesthetic appeal of the structure but also serve as a waterway for various types of ships. By embracing a multi-modal approach, Dubai ensures that this bridge isn’t just a conduit for cars but a gateway for maritime traffic as well.

New bridge to connect Bur Dubai with Dubai Islands

Leadership and Collaboration

This ambitious project is a testament to Dubai’s commitment to progress and innovation. Formalized through a partnership between the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), led by Director General and Chairman Mattar Al Tayer, and Nakheel, chaired by Mohammed Al Shaibani, this bridge is set to become a landmark in the city’s ever-evolving skyline.

A Catalyst for Transformation

The Bur Dubai to Dubai Islands bridge is more than just a physical connection; it’s a catalyst for transformation. It forms a crucial part of the Al Shindagha Corridor Improvement Project, a massive undertaking with an estimated cost of Dhs5.3 billion. Spanning 13 kilometers and featuring 15 intersections, this corridor aims to serve not only Deira and Bur Dubai but also several major development projects, including Dubai Islands, Dubai Seafront, Dubai Maritime City, and Port Rashid.

Reducing Travel Times

One of the most impressive promises of this project is its potential to reduce travel times significantly. By 2030, the Al Shindagha Corridor is expected to slash the travel time between its endpoints from a staggering 104 minutes to a mere 16 minutes. This time saved over 20 years is projected to be worth approximately Dhs45 billion, showcasing the substantial economic benefits this infrastructure investment will bring.


The Bur Dubai to Dubai Islands bridge represents a remarkable step forward in Dubai’s ongoing journey of growth and progress. With its promise of reduced travel times, improved connectivity, and enhanced accessibility for residents and businesses alike, this infrastructure project underscores Dubai’s commitment to creating a smarter, more efficient, and sustainable urban environment for all. As the bridge takes shape, it becomes not just a physical link but a symbol of Dubai’s boundless ambition and innovation.

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