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Experience Space Tourism Here On Earth! Dubai Made Plans To Build ‘the Moon’


Your dream can come true because a Canada-based company has proposed to build a 200 Meters across and 735-foot-tall moon-shaped resort in Dubai. 

Ever promised your soulmate to bring down the moon for her? Gratefully, now your dream can come true because a Canada-based company has proposed to build a 200 Meters across and 735-foot-tall moon-shaped resort in Dubai. 

The spectacular images of the “soon-to-be structure” are incomparable to all the world’s other architecture. It’s gigantic and beautiful and will be packed with all the modern amenities you could think of. 

Recently, the company broke the news by publicly announcing that the project will start with an initial $5 billion investment, leaving people amazed! They emphasised on few other points that are surely worth noting and capable enough to leave you curious. 

Shopping and fun

How will such a vast structure cover its costs and make profits? The evergreen tourism industry could be the best possible answer. The Moon will just not be for clicking pictures, but it will host a nightclub, event centre, spa, retail space, piano lounge, and other amenities that the company might find suitable with time. 

It allows the guests to visit inside the Moon and enjoy all these activities. The exclusive architecture will be moon-themed to keep that excitement alive within you. 

Shopping and fun


You will even be allowed to mark your permanent residence in the natural satellite. The company has proposed plans to construct a liveable space within. However, living experience comes with a massive expenditure in an entirely new area. 

These homes will not be like the traditional ones; they won’t have windows. Their team is more into replicating the spaceship-like experience that includes electronic windows where you can watch any view, anytime. Want to explore the milky way? Just switch! 

Lunar colony

Apart from fun and residence, the Moon is also planning to appear as a hub for space research, and a few images surfacing on the web show that the upper-most part of the structure will be reserved for science and technology. 

Will they allow people to visit this space? It’s still unclear, and it would be very early to pass any related statements. But, from initial designs, it’s confirmed that it might be the place for some of the most prominent research related to space.

The Architecture

AD shortened for Architectural Digest revealed the moon’s initial design, confirming that the structure will include 3 orbs or disks at the bottom that will collectively host the resort, lounge, club and everything related to fun. It will be at the bottom of the moon to provide visitors with easy access. 

The Moon will build above these disks, holding approximately 300 residences at the initial level. The topmost space and almost half of the structure are reserved for the research.

It’s a worthy and aspiring project that would be constructed to LEED Gold’s five-star standard. The founders say they will take extreme care for the safety of their visitors. 

It might take years to happen

Are you excited enough to book your slot? Hold your horses because the project will undoubtedly take many years to complete. Their team haven’t revealed the expected launch dates, but the early news confirms that the project has been finalised, and the cofounders are very optimistic about it. 

Michael R. Henderson, the co-founder of The Moon, told AD, “From an architectural, engineering, and design perspective, MOON can be built.” 

He added that Moon World Resorts Inc. was started in 2000. Since then, various space exploration companies have begun promising to take visitors to space, but it’s incredibly complicated and expensive. It might take decades or centuries to happen. 

That’s why the Moon already has a marketing advantage that adds more marks to this costly project’s success. He says they are planning to build Disney World-like experience where they will make the Moon in four different locations. This project in Dubai is just the starting phase.  

Add it to your bucket list

Add it to your bucket list

Dubai always remains ahead of its time and has already delivered some of the most notable projects to the world, including Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Palm Island, The World, Museum of Future and so on. 

From that perspective, constructing an unimaginable structure is not a massive deal for Dubai. The only question is, will it look as mesmerising as in the pictures?

We don’t know. 

But what we do know is that it’s a praiseworthy idea that is already funded with the initial investment. We may never visit the real moon, but the artificial moon is worth adding to the future bucket list.

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