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Kundalini Global Yoga & TRE® – The Vagal Nerve Workshop

January 22|11:00 am - 2:00 pm +04

Join us for an afternoon combination of Kundalini Global and Trauma/Tension release exercises (TRE®️). This will enable the body to release the major stress muscles in the body where we store physical, emotional & mental stress.

Kundalini Global works with the stress system and is deeply rooted in the release of the Vagal Nerve allowing you to land in presence. Kundalini Global at its core is to take you out of the pain of the past or fear of the future into the NOW. It is a yoga that is open minded and brings inclusiveness in its approach to posture, breath, mantra and music. Allowing such freedom for you to experience your original self, familiarize yourself with your inner your magic, your authenticity, your YOU-NESS and to change how you feel. The class is a combination of posture, manipulation of the breath, movement, powerful intention setting and working with the wonders of the quantum field. In Kundalini Global we call this the magical equation for transformation. It allows you to experience yourself in a new way.

​TRE® is a set of exercises that helps to evoke the psoas muscles, a major set of muscles where we often store physical, emotional, and mental stress in our bodies over the course of our lives, to release neurogenic tremors. When continued into our daily lives as part of our self care routine, it can assist in the calmness and regulation of our nervous system which can often be in a state of overwhelm. However, the beauty is on the mat where you are re-introduced to your very primal shaking mechanism found within every human and mammal on the planet. This practice is a beautiful connection to our ‘rest and restoration’ nervous system, the parasympathetic. We do enough with our mind and spirit, now is the time to give rest to the body.

​Together, both practices are deeply rooted with the ‘communication superhighway.’ The Vagal Nerve. In this workshop learn how to release the Vagal Nerve and reset the stress system. The Vagal Nerve is a key component in the parasympathetic nervous system and by stimulating this nerve studies have shown we can reduce stress and inflammation. Rapidly bringing us into that potent space, the NOW.

​Timing: Sunday, 22nd January at 11:00 PM (180minutes)

Joining Fee: 250AED+VAT

Facilitators: Julie Faye Evans & Candice McCone

Venue: Yoga House in The Greens

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January 22
11:00 am - 2:00 pm +04
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street 1, The Greens
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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