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Auditions for adaptations of The Dicator by Isaam Mahfouz and Baghdadi Bath by Jawad Al Assadi

29 September 2022 7:30 pm

Auditions for two possible plays IN ENGLISH:
1. An adaptation of Isaam Mahfouz’s THE DICTATOR (Lebanon) and Jawad Al Assadi’s BAGHDADI BATH (Iraq).

The auditions will take place at The Courtyard Playhouse Theatre, Al Quoz (ground floor level in the Actor’s studio) on Thursday, September 29 between 7:30 pm and 9 pm.

Audition pieces may be found at the following link.

Link is also posted on “discussion” section if having difficulty opening it.

You do not need to learn by heart (you can if you want). The director seeks a connection to the text and an easy to work with attitude.

One or both productions will take place in mid to late January. TBD. Depends on talent that shows up as pieces are challenging. Venue(s) to be announced.

To be directed by Padraig Downey

Auditions are open auditions. First come first serve.
Would prefer to see you live. If you can’t make it for some reason, reach out. Unfortunately, due to the director’s heavy schedule and commitments, he cannot commit to more auditions.

Both plays will be English adaptations/interpretations.

Piece 1: THE DICTATOR by Isaam Mahfouz.
The Dictator (Al Diktator) by Lebanese playwright Issam Mahfouz tells the story of a tyrant with grandiose delusions about his purpose in the world. The play is an absurdist classic from 1968 that can be described as a minimalist mixture of Ionesco, Plautus, and Beckett, with fierce and hilarious jabs at despotism.

2 characters (genders of characters can be male or female)
The General : General (Tyrant)
Saldoun: The servant

Piece 2: Bagdhdadi Bathby Jawad Al Assadi

Baghdadi Bath is a play of two Iraqi brothers who work as bus drivers on a route between Baghdad and Damascus, which includes some of the world’s most perilous thoroughfares. Hostage-taking, stealing and executions are daily occurrences on their route. In the privacy of a steam room, they deliberate on their lives before and after the U.S. invasion, opening their hearts and exploring their repressed memories.

Two characters – brothers

Can women audition for the plays?

The Dictator CAN star women or men or both. The director has NOT decided as of yet. Really depends on the talent and the dynamic and who shows up. Being a two-hander, would also depend on the dynamic between the two characters also.
Baghdadi Bath deals with two brothers. MUST BE MEN.
Danú Dubai has always put women at the centre of its plays if you look at our history of productions. We will be back with more.

Are the characters Arab?
YES. They are Arab plays set in the Arab world.
Arab can be a broad word as can Western.
While the actors MUST PLAY Arab, they don’t necessarily have to BE Arab.

When are rehearsals?
Evenings or/and weekends depending on agreed times of cast.
Everybody has jobs including the director. We don’t do this for money!!
When is the play?
January- mid to late. Could be at multiple venues. TBD.
No rehearsals during holiday season as well, it’s the holidays 🙂 We all need holidays!
Thanks so much for your interest in our plays. Pieces will be posted soon. Have a strong connection to the pieces and characters if possible. Team Danú Dubai

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September 29
7:30 pm +04
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The Courtyard Playhouse Dubai
Al Quoz Industrial 1, Street 4B
Dubai, The Courtyard Al Quoz AE
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