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Burger Bliss: Rove Hotels Joins Forces with SLAW for a Flavor Explosion!

Burger Bliss: Rove Hotels Joins Forces with SLAW for a Flavor Explosion!

Set to launch on 16th September in Rove City Walk, prepare to indulge in some incredible American-inspired taste sensations created by the innovative Founder Chef Ali Yazdi!

Welcome to the ultimate burger experience, where Rove Hotels, the beloved homegrown lifestyle brand, teams up with SLAW, Dubai’s burger sensation that’s redefining culinary innovation. Get ready for a SLAW-some dining adventure filled with mouthwatering flavors and creative twists that will leave your taste buds dancing.

The Rise of SLAW: From Biomedical Engineer to Culinary Maverick

Meet Chef Ali Yazdi, the Visionary Behind SLAW

Discover the incredible journey of Chef Ali Yazdi, the passionate mastermind behind SLAW. From his background as a biomedical engineer to becoming a culinary maverick, Chef Ali’s dedication and love for food shine through in every SLAW creation. Explore how SLAW has become a beloved burger brand, winning accolades and loyal fans along the way.

Introducing the ROVE X SLAW Collaboration

A Fusion of Quality and Creativity

Prepare to embark on a flavor-packed journey as Rove Hotels collaborates with SLAW to bring you a pop-up dining experience like no other. Dive into a menu curated by Chef Ali Yazdi himself, featuring innovative burger creations prepared with love by Rove’s talented Rovesters. From the BurgeriZZA to the Taco Cheeseburger, savor the inventive flavors inspired by American fusion cuisine.

The Irresistible Menu: Burger Innovations Beyond Imagination

Exploring the SLAW X ROVE Menu

Delve into the mouthwatering details of the SLAW X ROVE menu. Discover the BurgeriZZA, a delightful combination of Angus beef, American cheese, caramelized onions, and a mini pepperoni pizza. Experience the Taco Cheeseburger, a unique twist on traditional tacos, and the Parma Sando, a tantalizing mix of crispy fried chicken, homemade tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and parmesan. Don’t forget the Overloaded Fries for the ultimate side dish satisfaction.

Beyond Burgers: Exploring the World of SLAW

From Iconic Sauces to Fun and Games

It’s not just about burgers; SLAW brings a whole world of culinary delights. Dive into the iconic Oh lala Sauce and test your luck at the beloved Claw machine. Explore how SLAW is spreading its love across all The Daily Restaurants, making its delectable offerings available throughout the city.

Chef Ali Yazdi’s Culinary Vision

An Exclusive Interview

Gain insights into Chef Ali Yazdi’s culinary vision as he discusses the exciting SLAW X ROVE menu. Learn how this partnership with Rove Hotels has elevated SLAW’s commitment to reimagining the burger experience. Discover the creative twists and innovative combinations that make this limited-time menu a culinary adventure.

Burger Bliss Rove Hotels Joins Forces with SLAW for a Flavor Explosion! (1)

The Power of Collaboration: Rove Hotels and SLAW

Celebrating Dubai’s Culinary Scene

Uncover the significance of collaboration between Rove Hotels and SLAW. Paul Bridger, COO of Rove Hotels, shares insights into how partnering with homegrown brands like SLAW infuses new flavors and creative concepts into the hotel experience. Celebrate Dubai’s fantastic culinary scene through this unique partnership.

The Exclusive SLAW X ROVE Room

A Burger Lover’s Paradise

Step inside an exclusive themed room crafted by Rove Hotels and SLAW. Immerse yourself in a burger lover’s paradise adorned with SLAW-branded bedsheets, neon sauce lights, burger-themed wall stickers, a SLAW-inspired PS5, and more delightful surprises.

Save the Date: SLAW X ROVE Menu Launch

Don’t Miss the Flavor Extravaganza

Mark your calendars for September 16th, when the SLAW X ROVE menu makes its debut at Rove City Walk. Be among the first to experience a world bursting with incredible flavors and embark on a gastronomic journey like never before.


Everything You Need to Know

  1. What is SLAW’s signature burger creation?
    • SLAW’s signature burger creation is the BurgeriZZA, a delectable combination of smashed Angus beef, American cheese, caramelized onions, and a mini pepperoni pizza.
  2. Can I find SLAW’s offerings in other locations besides Rove City Walk?
    • Yes, SLAW is spreading its love across all The Daily Restaurants, making select items from the menu available throughout the city.
  3. Who is Chef Ali Yazdi, and what is his culinary background?
    • Chef Ali Yazdi is the visionary founder of SLAW. He transitioned from being a biomedical engineer to becoming a culinary maverick with a passion for inventive recipes and quality ingredients.
  4. What makes the SLAW X ROVE collaboration unique?
    • The SLAW X ROVE collaboration brings together Rove Hotels’ dedication to quality with SLAW’s creative burger innovations, resulting in a unique dining experience that celebrates culinary excellence.
  5. When and where can I experience the SLAW X ROVE menu?
    • The SLAW X ROVE menu will launch on September 16th at Rove City Walk. Don’t miss the chance to savor inventive flavors and culinary delights.
  6. How can I book the exclusive SLAW X ROVE themed room?
    • Booking details for the exclusive themed room will be available through Rove Hotels’ official channels.


As Rove Hotels and SLAW join forces, a burger revolution is underway. Embrace the culinary creativity, inventive flavors, and quirky experiences that define the SLAW X ROVE collaboration. Get ready to satisfy your burger cravings like never before and be part of Dubai’s dynamic culinary scene. Don’t miss the SLAW X ROVE menu launch on September 16th at Rove City Walk—an experience that promises to delight your taste buds and leave you craving for more.

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