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All you want to know about the Museum of Future in Dubai

Museum of Future

Dubai Future Foundation founded the Museum of Future. It’s an incredible modern architectural marvel that shows you some unique, innovative, and futuristic ideas with amenities and products that the world has never experienced. A museum dedicated to some of the most incredible future innovations opened its doors on 22nd February 2022. Here are the top 11 things that the Museum of future has to offer.

Dubai Future Foundation founded the Museum of Future. It’s an incredible modern architectural marvel that shows you some unique, innovative, and futuristic ideas with amenities and products that the world has never experienced.

The idea was first introduced in February 2015 during the government summit; later, in March 2015, the ruler, vice president, and Dubai prime minister Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum confirmed the construction of the future museum in Dubai.

A museum dedicated to some of the most incredible future innovations opened its doors on 22nd February 2022. Here are the top 11 things that the Museum of future has to offer.

Fantastic Arabic calligraphy design

Fantastic Arabic calligraphy design

The building is mesmerizing and gives you the feeling of visiting a non-planetary thing here on earth. From the outside, you will notice that the entire structure is reinforced with steel and carved with absurd Arabic calligraphy design. So, what is written on the building?

The building showcases Sheikh Mohammed’s most iconic quote about the future; in English, it means, “We may not live for hundreds of years, but the products of our creativity can leave a legacy long after we are gone,” and “The future belongs to those who can imagine it, design it, and execute it… The future does not wait… The future can be designed and built today.” During the day, the shiny steel outcast the building while the illuminating LED lights give you a dramatic and unforgettable experience at night. Indeed, it reflects how the buildings will look in the future.

Excellent architecture without pillars

Excellent architecture without pillars

When was the last time you visited a building without pillars? Maybe never! The future museum doesn’t include any pillars in its design, which is a challenging architectural design to achieve. The engineers replaced the pillars with 2,400 diagonally intersecting beams that support the entire structure and give you enough room to feel the space inside the building. It reflects how we can save space in modern buildings. With increased space, these buildings will efficiently handle more crowds. The oval shape with a gap in between makes the building look unique and attractive in the entire region. Also, the Arabic poetry, shiny steel, and illuminating lights are the cherries on top.

Sustainability and eco-friendly measures

Sustainability and eco-friendly measures

Our future must be eco-friendly, or there will be no future. The museum of the future depicts the same concept, and sustainability has played an essential role in building construction. The design has set benchmarks for future buildings by showing that even the best designs can be achieved using less water and more sustainable construction materials. Its solar park generates 4.000 megawatts of solar power, which powers the museum. Moreover, the calligraphy design carved on the building allows the sunlight to pass during the day, and the steel makes it reflective enough that they don’t need to turn the lights on during the day. That’s another achievement toward sustainability.

Paperless ticketing and human-less experience

Upon entering the building, you won’t find anyone collecting the ticket or explaining the museum guidelines. Instead, everything is pretty automatic. The ticketing system utilizes software that requires you to scan the barcode, wear your wristband, and be prepared. That means no wastage of paper; hence sustainability was achieved! When you move further, you won’t find any human to navigate you throughout the building. Instead, the premises are integrated with giant screens and an AI voice assistant that helps you with the directions and explains various things to explore.

Flying metallic fish

What if we say that soon after entering the museum, you will be welcomed with a metallic fish flying on its own? That’s an AI-based fish reflecting how innovative future flights will be designed. It is something unique to experience soon after entering the premises. It is undoubtedly an out-of-the-world experience.

The space flight

The space flight

There are no stairs or escalators inside to climb floors; instead, the AI will navigate you to take a lift that gives you a space flight experience. The 3-to-4-minute ride gives you the experience of exiting the earth’s orbit to land in outer space, consisting of satellites and space stations. You and a bunch of other people with you will have the natural feeling of experiencing a space flight with proper visuals, sounds, and a rocket-like cabin experience. The light does wonders on top.

A colorful experience with an AI assistant

A colorful experience with an AI assistant

Each floor of the museum showcases a different theme lighting, and the AI explains the things you can explore inside the museum. Soon after landing on the first floor, you will experience a world that precisely depicts how our future will look. The lights inside the building give you the experience of entering an actual spacecraft. If you have seen sci-fi movies like Interstellar, Star Wars, etc., you can easily understand the type of experience you will get inside.

Over 2400 DNA specimens

Over 2400 DNA specimens

Unlike typical museums that show the artifacts, sceneries, and other stuff related to ancient humanity, the Museum of Future offers you the future and progress in medical science. You can notice the DNA specimens stored inside crystal clear glass containers. You don’t need a microscope to observe DNA samples inside the future museum. If you have a deep interest in medical science and biotechnology, then it’s the best place to experience multiple DNAs in the same place. You might also notice specimens of already extinct or scarce species. It’s such a wonderful experience. 

Prototype of currently available products

If you are a tech enthusiast and adore exploring devices from the roots and early development stage, you might learn something about cool gadgets inside the museum. The mobile phones, cameras, smartwatches, AirPods, VR systems, and other technological devices we regularly use today were in development at some time. The museum shows you the prototype of these products, how they looked before the complete development, and how other gadgets are currently in the prototype stage that we will use in the future. Take some time to explore all prototypes the museum has to offer.

Gaming for children and much more

The museum’s last and top floor shows you what the future of gaming will look like. However, it’s much different from the image you currently have in your mind. Don’t think you will wear the headset all day to spend your time in the virtual world. Instead, the museum shows that it will be a fun and knowledgeable interaction with kids where they can experience a mixture of the natural world and tech gaming.

It’s the 14th best museum in the world.

It's the 14th best museum in the world.

With all those wonderful experiences and fantastic architecture, National Geographic rated the museum of the future as the top 14th museum in the world. It was able to unlock the achievement because of the sophisticated design and technological innovations used inside that show an accurate picture of the future. They also have kept other things in mind while providing the rating, as the building opens from the top to accept air taxis and much more. You must visit the future museum if you want an incredible out-of-the-world experience.

When can you visit?

From 23rd February 2022, the museum accepts guests daily; you can visit anytime between 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM. However, make sure you must reach one hour before closure time, or they won’t accept you inside the museum.

Where is it located?

The Museum of Future is directly adjacent to Jumeirah Emirates Towers in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Also, it’s a famous building that you can quickly locate on google maps. Why not use the futuristic means of navigation to visit the future museum.

How much does it cost?

A single-entry ticket for three years old and above is AED 145, and children below three years can travel for free. However, an adult has to accompany the kids. Everyone, including the kids, must select the slot for visiting the museum after booking the ticket. There is hardly anyone to guide you inside the museum even though no one collects the ticket; it’s all based on AI. So, ensure you follow the directions and reach on time to save yourself from hassle.


The Museum of the Future in Dubai is a modern architectural marvel that includes a futuristic design and shows various aspects of our future. Even it provides a fantastic experience of space travel that might be possible shortly. However, with all the achievements, it’s also true that the museum just got opened to the public and has to undergo various improvements. Soon after opening, multiple videos and reviews started floating on the Internet, and maybe more quickly, the museum will implement some of those ideas to get better with time.

What do you think about visiting the museum of the future in Dubai? Please let us know in the comments.  

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