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All You Need To Know About Moon Dubai

It is possible that Dubai, which is home to the Burj Khalifa, the tallest structure in the world, will soon acquire a massive resort in the shape of the moon.

According to Arabian Business, a Canadian architecture firm called Moon World Resorts (MWR) has proposed the construction of a destination resort that would resemble the moon to provide guests with inexpensive space travel on the ground. Moon Dubai is the name that the corporation has given it.

It is anticipated that the ultra-luxurious hotel, which will stand an impressive overall height of 735 feet, will be constructed in forty-eight months. It is estimated that it will cost approximately 5 billion US dollars to set up (about Rs 40,000 crore).

Michael R. Henderson, one of the co-founders of the project, stated that once it is built, Moon Dubai will contribute to the economy of the Emirate by enhancing the hospitality, entertainment, attractions, education, technology, environment, and space tourism sectors.

Sandra Matthews and Michael Henderson, both of MWR, are responsible for creating the resort. It will be surrounded by a ‘lunar colony’ and have a surface analogous to the moon. On the ground, travelers can enjoy “cheap space tourism” at the “lunar colony.” It is anticipated that the colony will attract a total of 2.5 million visitors annually.

When the resort is finally finished being built, it will have the capacity to welcome 10 million guests every year.

The mega resort will feature up-to-date amenities such as a spa center, lively nightlife, lounge, event center, global meeting place, and even a “moon shuttle.” Lunar World Resorts has not yet provided the public with information regarding the moon shuttle.

In addition, it will be equipped with a training platform for use by space agencies and astronauts.

The opulent private villas at the resort, known as “Sky Villas,” will be fully furnished. The corporation plans to make roughly 300 ‘Sky Villa’ apartments available for sale to customers. In addition, purchasers will be invited to join an exclusive club.

The project will adhere to the 5-star built-out standard required by the LEED Gold certification, a 5-diamond resort operational standard. This accreditation was developed by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design organization.

It was also emphasized that the corporation would generate revenue from several different sources. This includes space adventure, lease agreements between local operators and hotel owners, lunar-themed souvenirs, and by selling of lunar-themed food and drinks in restaurants on the moon.

Details About Moon Dubai

The resort will add to the various luxury and tourism attractions already present in the city, such as the Atlantis Palm Jumeriah and the Dubai Mall. It is anticipated that approximately 2.5 million people will visit this new resort each year.

According to Michael R. Henderson, Co-Founder of Moon World Resorts Inc., the most recent themed hotel to hit the market, Moon in Dubai, is anticipated to give a further boost to the city’s economy in the sectors of hospitality, enjoyment, attractions, education, future technologies, environment, and space tourism.

This information was provided to Arabian Business by Moon World Resorts Inc. The complex will include a spa center, nightclub, homes (300 private sky villas), hotel rooms, and 10 acres of land for development.

The location will also have a lunar colony and be encircled by what is referred to as a “lunar surface.” This will make it possible for people looking for more affordable access to space tourism to have a location to explore. According to the story, purchasers of the sky villas will automatically be inducted into the resort’s most prestigious and exclusive private club.

The company is acquiring licenses and organizing road shows to market the moon to prospective customers.

“At the moment, MWR is developing a global road-show series for 2023 to showcase the moon to prospective regional licensees. Henderson informed Arabian Business that one of these shows would occur in the MENA area, maybe in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, with other prospective locations being Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, and Kuwait.

After the MENA regional license has been acquired and the precise location has been decided upon, the property will undergo a one-year pre-development program, followed by a four-year build-out program, as he further said.

According to the report, Moon Dubai will be envisioned to operate under gold LEED certification, a 5-star built-out standard, and a 5-diamond resort operations and maintenance standard. Additionally, MWR is expected to license four Moon destination resorts worldwide – one in the following regions: North America, Europe, MENA, and Asia.

Moon Dubai is an innovative concept conceived by Sandra Matthews and Michael Henderson of MWR. Moon Dubai will have a “lunar surface” and will be surrounded by a “lunar colony.” Matthews and Henderson believe that after the resort is completely constructed, it will be able to accommodate 10 million people each year. Wow!

They asserted that the “lunar colony” would make it possible for tourists to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to engage in “affordable space tourism” in the most populous city of the country.

The two individuals stated that the colony would be large enough to accommodate 2.5 million guests yearly. The company will build the resort in forty-eight months, with a height target of seven hundred thirty-five feet (225 meters).

All of this sounds like an encounter that takes place outside normal life. In any case, it will soon be arriving at your location in Dubai.

Moon-Shaped Resort With Water-Filled Lagoons

The project brochure states that a functional “lunar colony” will give visitors the sensation of standing on the moon’s surface. Indeed, you will have your very own lunar landing! In addition, a shuttle traveling at extremely high speeds will transport them all over the vast location.

Do you know that it is a project proposed by the Canadian architectural corporation Moon World Resorts Inc. and will cost 5 billion dollars?

In addition to clubs, nightclubs, bars, a spa, a conference center, and a stadium with 10,000 seats, hotel suites will be rated five stars when completed. On the upper deck, you will also find an area designed as a beach club, lagoons filled with water, and a limitless amount of green space.

The resort offers a unique take on private homes known as Sky Villas to guests who aspire to travel to the moon. Within the disc that makes up the main building, it will contain all 300 of these luxurious apartments. In addition to this, every inhabitant will have entry into the prestigious Moon private members’ club.

Moon-Shaped Resort With Hyper-Speed Shuttles

Moon World Resorts Inc. is a company established by two people who are most likely not famous. They are Sandra (Sandra Matthews) and Michael (Michael Henderson).

A united Arab Emirates-based investment group created this unique Moon-shaped resort in Dubai. There will be rooms, restaurants, clubs, and hotels at the center of the moon, so there will be plenty to do for travelers who wish to make the destination their new home for a short time.

The two people are trying to keep the fact that the moon is not a secret; however, it is becoming very difficult for them. The moon is certainly in the past and will soon be forgotten. The only thing that matters now is what we can do for our future.

The time has come for the construction of such a large resort. It will be built in forty-eight months, with a height target of 735 feet. It will have a diameter of 2,250 feet and about 10 million tourists annually.

Some people who are against making this project think that the company is spending too much money on it when other global issues need to be solved first.


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