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Top Things to do in Dubai Alone

Dubai isn’t only a place to go for an unforgettable romantic getaway or an entire family vacation. The city is completely safe and free of crime This Arabian city located in the UAE is also an excellent location to go on a trip by yourself (for both women and men) because of its wide array of exciting options to enjoy a romantic getaway.

You’re eager to visit Dubai on your own, but aren’t sure where or how to begin? Take a look at this guide that includes the top experiences to experience in Dubai on your own.

Best Places to Visit in Dubai for Solo Travelers

Burj Khalifa

Things to do in Dubai Alone

No matter if you are travelling on your own or with a group it’s a must-see during your Dubai visit, especially when it’s your first time visiting.

The most frequent reason for visiting is the breathtaking views of Dubai’s Dubai urban skyline from the observation decks. But it’s so much more It also gives you the chance to feel at the top of the world. Its observation deck at the 148 floors is among the most high-end at 555 meters. Additionally, the structure is also the world’s highest structure, with a total height of 828 meters.

The other benefits of the trip to Burj Khalifa include the multi-media exhibit on Dubai’s fascinating past as well as the super-fast elevator ride that takes visitors to the observation deck in just an hour. It is also possible to add the most spectacular dining experiences to your trip to the city with a delicious meal at the At.mosphere which is among the most affluent restaurants in the world.

The Dubai Mall

Check out any of the lists of Dubai tourist attractions and Dubai Mall is sure to be high in the rankings! However, there is a unique feeling of excitement when you visit the vast mall alone. It allows you plenty of time to explore its more than 1200 incredible stores and also explore its many entertainment and leisure areas.

Take a look at its Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo thoroughly. Make sure to feel the thrill and excitement of skating on ice at the Dubai Ice Rink. The most important thing is to take some amazing photos with its free attractions like the famous Human Waterfalls and Dubai Dino. If you are running out of the energy you need, they have more than 200 restaurants within the mall to replenish your body and your soul.

Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood 

Dubai is most famous for its vibrant and rich side. However, its more traditional attractions across Old Dubai are real hidden gems that you must not skip on your first Dubai journey. One of the most important things to do of them all is the 19 century Al Bastakiya Quarter (Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood)which remains in its original splendour.

Enjoy a leisurely stroll along the narrow streets and reflect on the humble past of Dubai in the past when it was a small fishing town. Take a look at its simple and rough historic structures – many of them have been transformed into museums or art galleries like the Dubai Museum, Coin Museum and many more.

Dubai Miracle Garden

The sheer beauty of the thousands of flowers in the Dubai Miracle Garden is one of the most exciting things you can do in Dubai all by itself. It’s the world’s biggest natural landscape with flowers in many colours, tastes of varieties, and the most various shapes, sizes, and designs.

Visit this garden that is open only during the winter months (November through April). For the price of AED 40, it takes visitors to a lush floral paradise situated in the middle of the desert.

Palm Fountain

Did you have the knowledge that Dubai recently broke its own record when it launched Palm Fountain? It’s true, it’s the largest fountain in the world, surpassing Dubai’s famous fountain show that is located outside The Dubai Mall. It’s a must to see this show; you should catch up on this show that is also the first in the region to have a coloured fountain show.

It’s located on The Pointe on the artificial island known as Palm Jumeirah which is renowned for its stunning palm tree with an elongated top. Other than the Pointe and the Palm Fountain spectacle, Palm Jumeirah sees a constant flow of visitors throughout the year due to its Atlantis, The Palm Resort, Aquaventure Water Park, and the breathtaking Boardwalk.

Global Village 

Do you want to experience the vibrancy of the region and blend in with the crowd? This vibrant location should be on the Dubai to-do list. Its 30+ pavilions representing more than 70 nations give visitors the chance to explore the cuisines, cultures, and other cuisines from different world areas.

Apart from going from one pavilion to the next Make sure you visit some of the exciting sections, such as Thailand Floating Market, Carnaval along with Ripley’s Believe it or Not! In addition, you’ll enjoy a variety of live shows, mainly by famous performers throughout the duration of Global Village between October and April.

Dubai Local Souks

Dubai’s malls are huge with everything available under its structure, but it’s true that shopping here can be costly. In case you’re in search of a less expensive alternative, think about exploring the region’s traditional markets, or souks. With their diverse and unique offerings as well as bargain prices and an unbeatable effervescence, these markets are an excellent location to visit when you’re on your Dubai trip.

Most renowned of these is the Gold Souk where an entire bazaar is dedicated to the selling of the most beautiful gold jewellery pieces. But there are other souks too, such as Perfume Souk Spice Souk as well as Textile Souk are also worthy of a visit.

Desert Safari

Are you unsure about visiting the deserts of Dubai by yourself? Put your caution to the wind while you embark on an expert-led Dubai desert safari, arranged by an established service provider. This lets you take pleasure in the captivating beauty and unimaginable peace in the Arabian Desert with absolute tranquillity.

Depending on your package for a desert safari Your desert excursion typically will include a dune slam on an extremely powerful 4X4 vehicle as well as a variety of cultural activities like tattooing with henna, falconry as well as Shisha smoking. Also, there is BBQ dining and traditional performances that are included in many desert safaris in the evening. You can also camp in the desert under the stars during an overnight desert adventure.

Dhow Cruise Marina or Creek

A relaxing cruise on traditional wooden dhows is among the most amazing methods to view the complex details of Dubai’s urban landscape from a unique viewpoint.

The cruise departs from the chic Dubai Marina and the historical Dubai Creek The approximately 90-minute cruise more of a re-visit to Dubai’s past since it was an essential part of the livelihood of the region because of its frequent use during the pre-oil period (for fishing and pearl farming). Delicious buffet dining and amazing live performances like Tanura are what make the cruise one of the must-not skip activities in Dubai on its own.

Dubai Parks and Resorts

Your solo Dubai journey isn’t complete without a trip to one of its amazing theme parks. We’ve added Dubai Parks and Resorts, specifically for our dedicated theme park enthusiasts. This is the first integrated resort concept in the region.

In addition to a variety of accommodation and dining options, the thing that makes it stand out is its four parks, including the themed to Hollywood Motiongate Dubai and the Hindi-movie-themed Bollywood Parks Dubai LEGOLAND Dubai as well as LEGOLAND Water Park. You can restrict the scope of your Dubai Parks and Resorts visit to your favourite park or choose to visit all of them within an hour or two by using the appropriate pass.

Visit Live concerts

Our beloved city has hundreds of amazing gigs and concerts in the pipeline for 2022. There are Dubai gigs for everyone from scream-your-head-off rock gigs to classical candlelight performances, and from loud and proud pop extravaganzas playing in vast stadiums to much more intimate affairs

Visit here to see the list of all the upcoming concerts and gigs happening in Dubai

Challenge your reality

It’s much more enjoyable to get lost in a virtual reality adventure in the knowledge that your companions aren’t watching you scream like a lunatic under a visor as soon as you put on your helmet. Combat zombies, race cars and play sports, climb high-rises and explore space physically. Go to The VR Park in The Dubai Mall for a variety of thrilling activities.

Zipline Dubai

If you’re on your own does not mean that you need to take a break. You can get your adrenaline pumping on the most breathtaking zipwire ride in Dubai Marina. The zipline is 170m high, and slides through a kilometre with speeds up to 80 km/h, it’s the longest zipline in urban areas. Cameras are strapped to your forehead. It’s up to you to reveal the outcomes.

Visit Beach

Beach walks must begin from somewhere. The sunbathing and lazy days require the foundation. Seaside dining needs variety. La Mer takes the al outside dining experience of a Corniche as well as the polished appearance of a mall, and the exquisite dining experience of a hotel, and puts everything into an enchanting beachfront spot. Take a stroll before a lazy afternoon with the breeze.

Dubai Autodrome

There’s no room to accommodate passengers in the ultimate driving experience. This is because you’ll be driving the Formula One car and zooming around the city’s motorsports tracks using the exact car driven for professional racing car racers. Training and analysis is available in the lead-up to and after the adrenaline-filled adventure.

Tours in Dubai

Dubai isn’t an ideal destination for tour companies that offer overland adventure tours like G Adventures or Intrepid but there are plenty of things to do within Dubai in addition to Dubai excursions that you could take part in here. These are the recommended companies that offer tours to Dubai:

Big Bus Tours Hop-on, take-off Dubai tourist tours offer a simple method to travel to and from Dubai. The tour includes a guided cruise aboard a sightseeing boat on the traditional dhow, and admission for free to Atlantis Aquarium. Atlantis Aquarium (which is amazing!) They also provide an evening tour that is ideal for those looking to experience the city in a safe manner during the night.

Dubai Private TourThe company has more than 16 decades of expertise and is able to organize private tours in Dubai like an excursion to the city, a desert safari, or perhaps even dinner cruises to complete your stay. The Dubai tours also include a desert barbecue dinner and belly dancing performance and excursions out of Dubai including an all-day Abu Dhabi tour from Dubai.

Get Your Guide– Get Your Guide helps you to discover the best-rated Dubai events and Dubai tourist attractions. Pick between Burj Khalifa tickets for a camel safari, the Dubai city tour that includes Dubai Museum. Dubai Museum, a trip to Dubai Creek or the dhow dinner cruise. There are various options to pick from, including tours that include a Dubai one-day tour of the city and it’s easy to book. Simply read the reviews about your tour of the day and the price. Check availability and book on the internet.

Where To Stay in Dubai

Famous for its lavish Dubai hotels, including The Burj Al Arab, which is classified as a six-star hotel in Dubai It is possible that staying here would cost an arm and a leg, however, you can find affordable accommodations if you’re on a tight budget. There are hostels in the city, and while they aren’t close to beaches, however, they provide easy get to the attractions of the city.

When making plans for your next trip in Dubai, Dubai has so many hotels to pick from. Most accommodations in Dubai are hotels, ranging starting with 1-star hotels in Dubai to 3-star reviews in the Deira district and the five-star luxury hotel chains within Dubai on Jumeriah beach, which includes those at the Raffles Dubai in Wafi Mall. Apartments are also available within the city.

Airbnb Dubai connects you to the locals of Dubai which is often cheaper than hotels and offers you the chance to connect with locals as well.

If you’re looking for the most comfortable hotel located in Dubai for solo travellers The following Dubai hotels listed below are highly recommended by female solo travellers who are part of the Girls on the Globe community. They also come with a Solo Female Friendly endorsement.


Travel around Dubai

The journey to Dubai is easy thanks to good public transport. Buses frequently run from the airport to the Deira Bus Station. The hop on and hop off bus will take passengers through the old town and returns to the modern city. It is a great method to get your bearings.

Certain hotels provide complimentary Dubai Airpor transport to the shopping area, but there’s also an extensive bus system. To visit some of the popular attractions, Line 8 is a suitable route and you can also use the Dubai Tram that connects to Jumeirah Beach. Other bus lines might have fewer stops.

There is a Dubai metro system is simple to use. Many stations sit above the ground, so it’s a great way of exploring the city. The red line will take passengers up to Deira City Centre. Dubai transport costs start at AED4 and tickets are required to be purchased using the Nol card that is also valid for buses and trams.

The majority of people use taxis in Dubai and you can also hail metered Dubai taxi from anywhere. In Dubai there’s also Uber, a well-known taxi app that lets you book your ride using your mobile phone and pay using the app. If you are visiting Palm Jumeirah Dubai, take the Palm monorail.

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