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Save Big on Summer Getaways: Skyscanner’s Savings Generator Delivers Exclusive Discounts for UAE Travelers

Skyscanner's Unveils How Only 4% Of UAE Travellers Take Advantage

The new and expanded summer edition of Skyscanner’s Savings Generator reveals travellers could save up to 10% on the cost of their flights this summer by flying on the cheapest week, meaning an average saving of up to AED760 for a family of four!

According to Skyscanner’s latest research, in association with OnePoll, almost all (91%) UAE travellers are planning to get away this summer, but nearly half (48%) have yet to book their summer getaway. Whilst almost all (91%) of UAE travellers share that they feel confident that they know how to find the best holiday deals, Skyscanner data shows that only 4% of UAE travellers are searching for trips during the cheapest week of summer. In response, global travel site Skyscanner has launched the new and expanded summer edition of its Savings Generator tool to help travellers save big this summer.** 

Whether you’ve yet to book your trip or are tempted to book another holiday this summer (3 in 4 UAE travellers are tempted to book again if the price is right!). Skyscanner’s Savings Generator is on hand to find you the cheapest week of the summer to travel to a selection of the most popular routes from the UAE including the UK, India, Maldives and the Philippines.  

The global travel site currently searches over 80 billion prices every single day, so Skyscanner’s experts have crunched the numbers to share some simple dos and don’ts for grabbing the best bargain this summer: 

1. Travel the last week of the school summer holidays (instead of the first) and save 10%

Despite half of UAE travellers (50%) sharing that they know that there are cheaper weeks of the summer holidays to travel, Skyscanner can reveal that only 4% of UAE searches are for the cheapest of the summer/school holidays.

According to our data, the first two weeks of the school holidays are by far the most popular weeks to head away this summer, however, this is in fact the most expensive time to travel. Skyscanner’s data shows that on average travellers can save 10% by travelling the week of 19 August versus start of July, meaning an average saving of AED760 for a family of four! 

2. Want to save big this summer?  Travel on a Friday (most of the time)!

Travellers who are flexible and can fly on less popular days of the week can save up to 35% on the cost of their flights this July and August, according to Skyscanner’s summer Savings Generator. An added bonus?  The airports are likely to be less crowded too!  As 90% of UAE travelers share they would be willing to change the day and/or week of their summer holidays to save this year. For instance, flying to Türkiye on a Friday, instead of a Saturday, means a family of four can save up AED669 on average for their return travel this July and August.  

3. There are still cheap deals – just search EVERYWHERE for the very best prices 

UAE residents yet to book their summer trips estimate flights will cost AED431 per person on average, however Skyscanner can reveal deals to holiday favourites including Georgia from AED274 return, Israel from AED344 return, Cyprus from AED348 and Jordan from AED359 return this August.*** Let Skyscanner’s algorithm find the cheapest deal – just type in ‘Everywhere’ with your travel dates! 

4. UAE residents can save Dirhams by switching their departure airport 

Flight prices from UAE airports airport’s will vary in price for destinations depending on a number of factors such as which airlines are based there and which routes they serve, meaning some will be busier than others at peak times. 

Using Skyscanner’s Nearby Airports filter is an easy way to compare your options. Save AED13,828 on a trip to Italy for a family of four on return flights to Rome during the month of August (from Abu Dhabi for AED586 per person versus from Dubai for AED4,043 per person).   

Commenting on the findings, Skyscanner’s Travel Expert Ayoub El Mamoun says: “We know how much UAE travellers look forward to and research their summer holiday break – this year more so than any! It’s therefore our duty to analyse all the data we have access to and share this insight via our Savings Generator, updated for Summer 2023 so UAE travellers know how to make their money go further this summer.

“Our research shows that over half of UAE travellers (58%) make sacrifices, including spending fewer meals out, takeaway coffees and new clothes, in order to save for their summer holidays, but are less likely to shop around for holidays in the way they would when doing their weekly shop or clothes.  We’re aware that the summer holidays can be a costly time to travel, so we’ve updated our Savings Generator to help UAE travellers easily see how to get away within budget this summer.

“There’s so much money to be saved if consumers compare their travel options, so we’re building the tools for travellers to do this quickly and easily.  We encourage all travellers to take note of our savvy tips and utilise the tools on our site like our Calendar View and Everywhere Search to save big this summer.”

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